Bright Start

“Education is the most powerful weapon 
which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela

Help IY is cooperating with Bright Start, an Education Support Programme based in Hout Bay. Founded in 2008 as a registered non-profit making company, Bright Start aims to give good education, a 'bright start', to under-privileged children in Hout Bay, most of them living in the township Imizamo Yethu. 

Having an estimated 3 million illiterate and another 8 million functionally illiterate adults in South Africa, the importance of increasing access to education and stimulating a love of books and learning cannot be overestimated. However, the government schools available to the poor majority are overcrowded and under resourced. Newspapers regularly highlight poor performance and according to the Financial Times, the poor state education system is a root cause of many of the country’s social problems - high crime rates, skills shortages and unemployment. If there is no action, yet another generation of kids remain firmly disadvantaged, just like their parents before them and the vision of a new, integrated and equal South Africa slips further into the future.

Bright Start’s aim is to bridge the achievement divide one child at a time, to contribute to the transformation of the South African society. In doing so, the programme currently offers 17 children, ranging in age from 3-9, a place in well reputed crèche, pre-school and primary school in Hout Bay and then obtains sponsors to finance their education (app. 200 Euros per month). Bright Start provides ongoing support and guidance throughout the school career to ensure the child reaches its full potential. Additionally, their parents are guided by mentorships and courses to assure a supporting environment at home. Parents are committed to contribute financially in the scope of their possibilities. 

The cost of running the programme is funded by the founders, who volunteer their time and resources to run the organisation. This is because the founders believe that 100% of the donor’s funds should reach the child.
Help IY is supporting this unique educational programme. When donors drop out or school fees increase, when a child needs a new school uniform or a stationary pack (pens, paper, glue etc.), Help IY aims to fill the financial gaps. To do so, we also rely on donations. If you would like to specifically donate for the Bright Start programme, let us know in your bank reference or via email. All information how to donate to Help IY, please finde here.