28. Juli 2011

School fees sponsorship for disadvantaged children

To improve the living conditions in Imizamo Yethu, fostering education is essential. However, education in South Africa is not for free. Therefore, Help IY has decided to arrange school fee sponsorships for children in need.

In doing so, we have found a sponsor for a 6-year-old Zimbabwean boy. He and his mum escaped the disastrous situation in their home country and came to Imizamo Yethu, seeking for asylum in South Africa. Being single and HIV-infected, his mum is working hard to feed her little family. However, money for school fees cannot be spared.

Now, through our arranged sponsorship, the little boy got the opportunity to attend the pre-school Little Lambs in Imizamo Yethu. Here, he gets the education and the support to start a successful and better life.

If you also would like to support a child by sponsoring the school fees, please get in contact.

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