29. Juni 2011

New Geyser for Noluthando

We from Help IY are very happy to have acted as a successful middlemen. In January 2011, the Noluthando Day Care Center reported a broken geyser. The geyser was old and kept dripping and overflowing. Therefore, the creche's staff had to cook all hot water on a gas stove - water to cook food, water to cook tea, water to clean dirty baby bums, water to clean the dishes. To find a solution to the problem, Help IY decided to search for donators and got in contact with the local company oneSolar.

The broken geyser

The new geyser

Eventually, in May 2011, oneSolar had a customer who purchased a new geyser and got his current geyser replaced. The geyser the company took out was only a few months old and the customer - a guest house in Noordhoek - kindly donated the geyser for installation at Noluthando. 

Since then, the Noluthando Day Care Center has a full five year warranty geyser for 150l of hot water.

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